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Anger Management Training

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We are happy to offer you Anger Management Training, under PTA Training & Education LLC

We are delighted to announce our Safety courses to enhance your  career and upgrade your qualifications. We are 100% committed to provide you quality training to be delivered by our highly qualified and proficient trainers. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company.  PTA’ is a professional health & safety training institute offering quality relevant occupational health and safety courses.

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About this Specialisation:

We live in an age when it’s become impossible to doubt how important each customer is for a business.

This course isn’t about understanding how important customers are for your business, because I’m sure you already know that. It’s about a more delicate subject, namely how to handle those situations when it becomes really hard to put theory into practice, to believe that the customer is always right and to treat them by the book.

Dealing with angry customers is the most unpleasant part of customer service. It takes the all the joy out of the job for most people. It makes them forget all they know about how important customers are for their business and it becomes a cause of ongoing frustration.

The trouble is that angry customers don’t really care about the customer service representative’s feelings. They only want to resolve what got them angry as quickly as possible and their dissatisfaction to be acknowledged by the company.

So, we need to talk about how to handle angry customers for two very important reasons:

  • The first is to make interactions with customers more pleasurable and build rewarding, healthy relationships with them, that can eventually help us get our smile for the pleasure of helping others back.
  • The second is to prevent angry customers from becoming completely dissatisfied and eventually leaving us for the competition.

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How can you minimize the negative impact these types of interactions have on both you and your customers?

Who this course is for:

Customer Service Representatives, Front Desk Representatives, Business Owners and anyone who interacts with customers as part of their job.

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