About Us

With its worldwide affiliates and partners, PTA has denoted its impression on a worldwide scale in expanding quality trainings and consultancy both costal and seaward. We pool theoretical knowledge filtered by personal competence coupled with industry awareness and synthesized experience key areas;

PTA over a decade combines the modern, dynamic style and the professionalism through highly qualified professionals having decades of experience in all fields of business. We are proud of our seniors and professionals as well as our junior colleges.

Our instructors have a lot of hands on experience by spent a considerable portion of their lives on both onshore and offshore rigs and are highly trained and experienced in the requirements of their fellow professionals. They are advised and assisted by a specialist in industrial teaching, education and instructional methods.

Our trainer and consultants team include 10 professionals with a total number of 15 degrees.

As a training & consultancy, PTA takes pride in conducting domestic an international training programs in the following;

  • Occupational Health & Safety Environment
  • Engineering & Industrial Technical Courses
  • ISO auditors’ qualifications
  • Soft Skills Courses
  • Third Party Inspection Services & System Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Motivational Techniques

Our Accreditations

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